Friendship Cup

18.-22. august 2017.

Hungary and Austria

Organizer: Bridge & Orienteering Club of Veszprém, Deutsch Kaltenbrunn Orienteering Club

Event committee:

President: Viktor Hites

Course Setters: Viktor Hites & Georg Pregartner

Controller: Imre Engi & Wolfgang Pötsch

Competitions: Five day hungarian ranking events 1-3. & 5. day middle distance 4. day classic distance.

Maps and Terrains: 1: 10000/5m orienteering map. On 1-2 day new map where last time was orienteering event in 1983 on the Hungarian WOC the relay race. 3. day map was made last year for Friendschip Cup, the two day in Austria will be at Rauchwart Badesee also on a challenging orienteering terrain on a new map.

Finish Areas:
1-2. day Farkasfa
3. day Strand of the Hársas Lake
4-5. day Strand of the Badesee Rauchwart


Friday 18. August 2017. Farkasfa Middle distance
Saturday 19. August 2017. Farkasfa Middle distance
Sunday 20. August 2017. Hársas-tó Middle distance
Monday 21. August 2017. Badesee Rauchwart Classic distance
Thuesday 22. August 2017. Badesee Rauchwart Middle distance



per e-mail:

Categories: M/W 10; 12C; 14B,C; 16B; 18B; 15-18C; 21A,B; 35A, 40A, 45A, 50A, 55A, 60A, 65A, 70A, Open Beginner, Open Advanced

Categories with less than 5 entries will be put into other categories.

Entry fees

untill 01.07.2018.-M/W20 und Open categories: 1200 HUF/person/day (4 EUR)
M/W21-: 1800 HUF/person/day (6 EUR)

untill 10.08.2017.-M/W20 und Open categories: 1500 HUF/person/day (5 EUR)
M/W21-: 2100 HUF/Person/Tag (7 EUR)after 10.08.2017. & ont he venue
-M/W20 und Open categories: 1800 HUF/person/day (6 EUR)
M/W21-: 2400 HUF/person/day (8 EUR)

Competition is organized with SportIdent electronic punching system. If you have your own SI card, please send its number with your entry! SI card renting is free up to MW 14 categories, it costs 300 Ft (or 1 EUR)/person/day in other categories, which you will pay at the registration.

Accommodation: By event center Csaliti Guesthouse can camp ca. 30 Person, By Badesee Rauchwart near to the finish area there is a campsite also! Other accomodations in Őrség:

"0" time: 1. day: 15:00 2-5. day: 10:00

Prizes:After the 5 daysfirst 3 runners of each category get medals. On all day the winners of the categories get prizes.

Other information:

  • All day will be held signed children's race.
  • Final information will be published on our website 8 days before the competition.
  • All competitors will get refreshments in the event center.
  • All runners who have started must check in at the finish (including those who haven't accomplished the race).
  • Commercial activity is only accepted with the permission of the competition committee.
  • First 3 days race will be held in Őrség National Park please take care of the nature!
  • You take part on the races on your own risk!


Viktor Hites Tel: +3630/3476356 e-mail:


Partners: Orienteering Federation of Veszprém County, Deutsch Kaltenbrunn OL Verein,, Őrség National Park

© 2017 Veszprémi Bridzs és Tájékozódási SE, 8200 Veszprém, Hunyadi J. u. 1/A, 30/3476356,
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